The best outdoor vacations

Happy weekend, everybody! On today’s blog: the best outdoor, fitness-centric vacations you can take this year! We’ve made a list of some of our personal favorites, as well as suggestions from all of you! Check them out:


-Costa Rica: Costa Rica has a wealth of natural beauty to explore, whether you’re a land person or someone who’s more at home in the water. There are lots of trails to explore on land, beaches to visit, and tourist trips you can sign up for that take two-week backpacking routes across the island, hiking the jungle and rafting the tropical rivers! Or, hit up some of the endless beaches for some bodyboarding!

-Cuba: Yeah, we know. Cuba’s probably not the first place you think of when you’re coming up with ideas for adventure holidays. But a reader put us onto this, and we think it’s a great place to travel! Cuba is opening up to the USA, so traveling there is cheaper and easier than ever. There’s a lot of history to see in the architecture and museums, and plenty of coastal joys as well. But the fitness factor comes in with transport. There aren’t many modern cars in Havana or the rest of Cuba, so you’ll need bikes to get around. Say hello to your cardio fix and free transit!

-England: Hike the North Downs Way from London to the coast! It’s one of England’s famous walking paths, which roam all over the countryside, and this one is one of the best-maintained in the UK. You can take it from Farnham, which is right outside of London, all the way to its end in Canterbury, which is a magical city and a UNESCO heritage site right on the coast. You can go hard-core and do the whole thing at once, or do sections and stop off to see the little towns along the way. It’s one of the most relaxing and rewarding active vacations we’ve ever taken!

-Bali: Check out the many yoga retreats on the island, especially Soulshine, which is a complete compound with an organic farm, sustainable hotel, and lots of yoga space onsite! There’s so much fresh fruit you won’t even miss your juicer, and the rice paddies are an amazing place to spend time meeting the locals and getting involved in the growing process! Sign up for retreats with specific teachers or plan a family getaway with hot, sweaty yoga and trips to the beach to cool off afterwards!

-Thailand: muay thai is a massive fitness craze right now, and hotels and other resorts are offering intensive retreats for you to get in shape in just a few days with personal trainers and coastal access throughout your stay. Check out Four Seasons Koh Samui to see what we’re talking about!

Have a favorite weekend or short week getaway we should know about? Share it in the forum!