The environment in crisis

The new administration in Washington has been concerning to all of us here at the Weekender Blog. We’re deeply devoted to protecting our environment so that we can all enjoy it and have it as an escape from our work lives and a place to marvel at the wonder of nature. That’s something that unites a lot of Americans, whether you’re a hippie rock climber or somebody who’s been hunting in the backwoods for decades. So it’s alarming to see such a radically destructive agenda on the table moving forward. Today, we wanted to share a few of the specific policies that could have massive and irreversible impacts on the environment.


Destroying the EPA is the first thing on the Trump agenda, and that’s embodied perfectly by the appointment of Scott Pruitt as the head of the agency. He’s sued the EPA dozens of times, and both he and Trump seem to think environmental protections are an attack on freedom and jobs. So they’ve proposed rolling back massive amounts of regulations, scrapping the clean power plan and the fuel standards that went with it, and exiting the Paris Agreement. It’s scary stuff, and the worst part is that they wouldn’t even have to completely eliminate the agency: they just have to stop doing their jobs, and it ends up with the same results.

Opening or selling Federal lands is next on the path to degradation, and there are already bills being floated to lift drilling restrictions and coal leases on protected land. Supporting fossil fuels even more than we already do is a massive step backwards, and selling off protected land the size of the state of Delaware, which is an actual proposal that’s going around Washington, should be considered a national disgrace.


Building the wall Trump has promised along the Southern border could also be a major source of degradation, according to the article in Scientific American.  They cite all sorts of aspects of the wall that are problematic. For a start, all the concrete and steel you’d have to use to build that large of a structure has a massive impact on itself. Concrete puts out a lot of greenhouse gases, and so does steel. Then, it would go right through wildlife corridors and block of the migration routes of animals like jaguars, wolves, and other creatures that live in the South and Southwest. And of course you’d have to bulldoze and level the land where the wall would be, which would wreck habitats and vegetation. The worst part is, it wouldn’t even stop migration, and migration isn’t even happening in our direction according to every reputable study.

Overall, this administration and this congress has been extremely strident and careless in their rhetoric, and based on the legislation that’s going forward and the speeding through of the big pipeline projects that were stopped under Obama, it only seems fair to take them at their word. There’s going to be a long fight ahead. You should follow the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council if you want to get involved in standing up. And we’ll be sure to let you know of other specific things you can to do support the cause. Thanks, as always, for caring.

Staying healthy with a juicer

Hey readers!


We hope this finds you absolutely swell! Here at the Weekender Blog, we’re all about taking things to the woods, to the beach, or to the mountaintop whenever we can. But sadly, most of us can’t be outdoors all the time or exercising as much as we want, which is after all why we’re so into making the most of our weekends. The problem is that all that sitting behind a desk or checkout line during the workweek isn’t exactly a recipe for success when you’re taking a trip Saturday morning. It drags you down, and it takes your health right along with your mood, doesn’t it? So let’s change that dynamic however we can! It’s something we put a lot of thought into as people who adventure every weekend but run a website and write articles all week long.


The biggest thing you can do to maximize your weekend adventures is to have an amazing diet all week long, and keep your body resilient to getting sick or drained. You need your strength and energy for the climb or the surf, or both! What we’ve found is, it’s basically impossible to get the 7-9 servings of fresh produce you’re supposed to eat every day when you’re at the office, commuting, and doing every other part of a busy lifestyle, even those of us who are really into cooking. So we’ve learned that the biggest thing you can do to make it happen is juice–not like a lifter, no, we’re talking fresh fruit and vegetable juice, produced yourself!

Here’s why we’ve gotten into juicing over the past few years. First up, it gets you lots of servings at once. Seriously. You can jam 3-4 servings of fruits and veggies into one glass of juice if you play your cards right. How cool is that?! You get all the nutrients you’d get from eating it all, and it’s way easier on your digestive system. Especially when you’re sitting down or standing in place all day, which is not exactly a recipe for abdominal peace.


And, even though we try to eat varied diets and include lots of different things in our meals, we think it’s important to be honest and face the fact that most of us are pretty routine with the fruits and vegetables we eat on a regular basis. There are actually good reasons for that, because only so many things go together in terms of taste and texture. But that’s a lot simpler when you’re taking it all in as liquid. If you’re juicing, it’s way easier to mask a less savory vegetable taste with something sweeter, and texture isn’t something you have to think about at all. So you can mix and match until you get a “blend” that’s got every nutrient you need.


Of course, to get the best blends and mixes, you’ve got to rely on top rated juicers.

Aside from how convenient it is from a nutritional standpoint, drinking juice is also a really good boost during the workday as an alternative to soda or coffee. You get the boost to your system from all the nutrients, and just enough sugar to help power you through without a crash. Basically, we think juicing is the best compromise between what we know we ought to be doing nutritionally, and the way most of us actually live. So if you’re having trouble carrying energy and drive over into the weekend, try adding some juices to your daily routine and see if you can feel the difference. We sure can!

The best outdoor vacations weekend, everybody! On today’s blog: the best outdoor, fitness-centric vacations you can take this year! We’ve made a list of some of our personal favorites, as well as suggestions from all of you! Check them out:


-Costa Rica: Costa Rica has a wealth of natural beauty to explore, whether you’re a land person or someone who’s more at home in the water. There are lots of trails to explore on land, beaches to visit, and tourist trips you can sign up for that take two-week backpacking routes across the island, hiking the jungle and rafting the tropical rivers! Or, hit up some of the endless beaches for some bodyboarding!

-Cuba: Yeah, we know. Cuba’s probably not the first place you think of when you’re coming up with ideas for adventure holidays. But a reader put us onto this, and we think it’s a great place to travel! Cuba is opening up to the USA, so traveling there is cheaper and easier than ever. There’s a lot of history to see in the architecture and museums, and plenty of coastal joys as well. But the fitness factor comes in with transport. There aren’t many modern cars in Havana or the rest of Cuba, so you’ll need bikes to get around. Say hello to your cardio fix and free transit!

-England: Hike the North Downs Way from London to the coast! It’s one of England’s famous walking paths, which roam all over the countryside, and this one is one of the best-maintained in the UK. You can take it from Farnham, which is right outside of London, all the way to its end in Canterbury, which is a magical city and a UNESCO heritage site right on the coast. You can go hard-core and do the whole thing at once, or do sections and stop off to see the little towns along the way. It’s one of the most relaxing and rewarding active vacations we’ve ever taken!

-Bali: Check out the many yoga retreats on the island, especially Soulshine, which is a complete compound with an organic farm, sustainable hotel, and lots of yoga space onsite! There’s so much fresh fruit you won’t even miss your juicer, and the rice paddies are an amazing place to spend time meeting the locals and getting involved in the growing process! Sign up for retreats with specific teachers or plan a family getaway with hot, sweaty yoga and trips to the beach to cool off afterwards!

-Thailand: muay thai is a massive fitness craze right now, and hotels and other resorts are offering intensive retreats for you to get in shape in just a few days with personal trainers and coastal access throughout your stay. Check out Four Seasons Koh Samui to see what we’re talking about!

Have a favorite weekend or short week getaway we should know about? Share it in the forum!